Harvey/Cobham/Windsor/TheGriffins/Bodell Close

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I am looking to establish a scheme that covers Cobham and Harvey. I myself was burgled in January 2014 and there have been a couple of others I believe on the road and nearby community. Knowledge is power and it is good to be aware of these incidents in order to be alert and help protect ourselves further. I have given sign-up leaflets to some houses but admit I haven't been to all yet but will endeavor to do so. I am thinking of setting up a twitter or Facebook account to notify residents of anything of concern/interest/relevance. If anyone feels the need for a meeting I am happy to organise one.

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Scheme coordinator

Joanne Tweneboa-Kodua
Our house was burgled in January 2014 and following other reports on local community Facebook pages I attended a meeting set up by the then local councilor and the police, I then also attended the neighbourhood watch meeting at Headon Hall in July this year.
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