Marlborough Drive, Burgess Hill

Scheme information

For residents and householders of Marlborough Drive, scheme is run via email only. Aim is to increase awareness and security for the residents, Regular news sent (via email) to registered members which also includes local issues, ie. local stream, flooding and railway. For further information please contact me via email marlboroughdrive@btinternet.com

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Scheme coordinator

Kevin Clark
First of all let me introduce myself, I have lived in Burgess Hill for 12 years and moved into Marlborough Drive in 2013, retired from a very large Telecommunications company and spend my weekends as a volunteer on the Bluebell Railway. I previously setup and managed the Chanctonbury estate NHW scheme looking after over 800 households as the area coordinator, quite a big challenge. Chanctonbury estate was the largest scheme in Sussex and rather than notes and letters put through letter boxes with news, it was far easier and cost effective to run the scheme via email. This reduces costs for printing, time to deliver news and it then becomes a free service. I also included any news our Councillors need to put out and any other local news, home security advice etc an example can be seen on the rear of this letter. It must be noted that I do NOT work for the Police so any unusual activity, crime taking place you MUST dial 999. For any other minor issues or advice please dial 101 or email myself. Never put yourself at risk.
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