Melrose gait (west) and redpath crescent (west)

Scheme information

It is a new housing development, still undergoing construction, and I am anxious to create a community feeling amongst the residents and provide a sense of safety and security for anyone living here, as well as trying to ensure that it remains an attractive and desirable place to stay. I feel it important to be "good neighbours" and help each other out in any way we can.

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Scheme coordinator

Elaine McMillan
I worked for over 30 years in the insurance industry for a large Scottish company (life, general insurance underwriting and claims), looked after the interests of retired members of staff within the company (all 19,000 of them!) and prior to my retiral, I was a Child Protection Report Writer for a local authority in the North East of England. I therefore feel I have a good working background to get the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme "off the ground" and with being retired, I have time to devote to the running and administration of the Scheme.
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