Mill road traders' association

Scheme information

The Mill Road Traders’ Association officially formed on the 21st February 2013. The group is currently comprised of over 170 members from a range of different trades and services based on Mill Road in Cambridge. Membership is free and is open to all business owners who operate from Mill Road, or from a directly adjoining street. The group is informal but we have an agreed purpose, or vision statement that all members agree to: “The Mill Road Traders’ Association exists to protect and promote the diversity and unique character of the shops in the area, by raising the profile and encouraging the use of independent businesses on Mill Road and on directly adjoining streets. Through sharing our variety of skills, knowledge and experience, we will work together and with other like-minded organisations to improve Mill Road for the benefit of all.” We believe in promoting small businesses, spending money locally and supporting each other and our local community. Piero D’Angelico (from Piero’s Hairdressing) is the Chairperson and Matthew Boucher (Cambridge Wine Merchants) is Vice Chair. They were elected by member votes and they will retain these positions until February 2014, when there will be another vote. Their role is to Chair the Traders’ Association meetings and act as spokespeople for the Mill Road business community across the city. Membership is open to any business operating from Mill Road or a directly adjoining street.

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