Morpeth Close

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Twelve semi-detached bungalows belonging to Irwell Valley Housing Association Old Trafford Manchester. All of the tenants are over the age of sixty [including myself] and we have been subjected to perpetual harrassment by the local youths for the past two years. It is on the Coverdale estate here in Longsight Manchester, and it was originally a shit-pit estate belonging to Manchester Council until two years ago when Irwell Valley H/A and Eastlands H/A purchased the properties. Two years ago the crime rate was 80% a month, but we have reduced it to 5% a year following compulsory evictions of nuisence tenants by Eastland H/A. Now it is a very quiet residential area with very few problems, no harrassments, and finally cooperation from the police after they were kicked up the arse by the Chief Constable!!! I look after the tenants at No.2 & 4, No 12, and No. 1 & 2 Aldis Close. No's 6 & 8 are non-cooperative-to their detriment of course. And I am in direct contact every week with the Neighbourhood Manager, the Crime Prevention Officer, and the local fire brigade.

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