Ridgeway watch out

Scheme information

This scheme has been set up to watch out and provide an awareness of any potential threat to our security by keeping each other informed of any suspicious activities. These include suspicious unsolicited door to door sales people, loitering individuals and gangs, unusual noises, alarms being set off and anything that is deemed to be suspicious. The objective is to make this neighbourhood a "no go area" for the criminal and to make this area, regarding criminal statistics, a more appealing and desirable location to live. This would contribute for each of us a more marketable residence; above all, to give us peace and security.

Scheme coordinator

David Valentine
Hi, my name is David and I've lived in this area since 1985. As a teacher, I appreciate and value the support and cooperation of parents to help us teachers in providing a safe learning environment for their children. Without their support would contribute to a failing school. A successful school can only be realised through good liaising and communication with parents. Through this, I realise how important it is as neighbours to keep in communication with each other to provide a secure neighbourhood. We all need to feel safe and secure in our homes. We cannot expect the police to be super heroes and do everything on their own.To work effectively in carrying out their duties they too need good communication, cooperation and support from us as neighbours. We all have a duty to make our neighbourhood a safe and secure environment and to watch out for each other. Please join and support our objective to make this a safe and secure neighbourhood.
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