Woodham Park Way

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Scheme set up for the benefit of residents of Woodham Park Way. All paid up member of the WPWA are automatically members of the scheme. The main aims of Neighbourhood Watch are as follows: 1. To reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for the would-be thief, vandal or criminal to act. 2. To build up a community spirit so that you and all your neighbours can work together to everybody's benefit. 3. To tell your area coordinator an/or the police about any suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood . By jointly looking out for each other, and the environment we live in, we hope to make it a safer and more pleasant place for all.

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Scheme coordinator

Nick Critchell
We established our Neighbourhood Watch scheme with the aim of keeping our locality safe. The Woodham Park Way Association, which acts for and on behalf of the residents, help oversee this scheme.
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