Pendwyallt Road Community Watch

Scheme information

I decided to set up and Co-ordinate a scheme in this area when I discovered a number of residents shared similar concerns about problems in the neighbourhood. These included bogus callers; speeding traffic and burglaries. Our Watch has now been running successfully since 11th January, 2001 and our 'team' regularly keep in touch with all members through Newsletters, bulletins and e-mails etc. Working together and supporting each other has helped make everyone feel more secure and confident. Together we have successfully tackled problems and made changes to create a better and safer environment. We are now involved in many other activities such as 'litter-picking' and fundraising and have an excellent relationship with the Co-ordinator of Heol-y-Forlan who runs a successful network system, our local Police, Councillors and other agencies. Our scheme covers all houses and flats along the Pendwyallt Road area and some at the Hollybush Estate and we have close links with the Hollybush Residents Association and other local Watches. Our most recent priorities include building developments and traffic speeding issues. Over the years we have raised over £11,500 for local charities through holding open garden events etc. which are often supported by local councillors,MP's, local businesses and the police. We now have 78 members and continue to grow.