Oak Ridge Close, Newbury, Berkshire.

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Neighbourhood Watch scheme for the cul de sac of Oak Ridge Close, Newbury. Berkshire.

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Scheme coordinator

Lilian El-Doufani
I was prompted to apply after seeing how useful other similar community schemes are. Also, at a time when the police and their resources are under huge pressure, it is useful for them to have a few more eyes and ears on the ground. They cannot be everywhere and it is useful for them to have information passed to them for them to sift through. They can then allocate their resources more effectively. I have time now to devote to voluntary work. Indeed, I have done a lot of it in the past. I hope this role will enable me to give something more back to the community. Several incidents of anti-social behaviour have occurred in this area and small things can impact in a big way upon people's quality of life and feeling of security. If we work together to keep the peace, our community will be all the stronger and more safe for our families and friends. I am now home all day and can devote time to this.
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