Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration is a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by Watch volunteers across England and Wales.

The database contains examples of how Neighbourhood Watch groups are changing their communities for the better. In each case, volunteers explain how they developed their project, the impact it had on their community and how they overcame any challenges.

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration allows users to contact the author of each example with the hope of kick-starting fruitful conversations between members.

On this page you’ll find categories of areas of work that our volunteers are working on. They are Developing your Watch, Building Communities, Connecting People, Involving Young People and Collaboration.

If you would like to submit material to Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, please complete this webform.

Developing your Watch

In this section you’ll find ideas about how you can develop your Neighbourhood Watch group to extend your reach.

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Building Communities

Community is at the heart of everything Neighbourhood Watch does. Find out how your Watch can help create safer and stronger communities.

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Connecting People

Neighbourhood Watch is people powered so being able to connect people and start conversations between neighbours can have a lasting impact on communities. In this section, you’ll find innovative ways to connect neighbours with one another.

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Involving young people

Involving young people will help to grow the Neighbourhood Watch movement. In this section you’ll find inspiring ways to engage young people into Neighbourhood Watch.

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Neighbourhood Watch is at its most effective when we work in collaboration with others in our community. Remember, as a Watch you don’t need to do everything yourself. This section will give you ideas about how to partner with like-minded organisations, agencies, community groups and many others.

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