Burlish Park Estate, Stourport on Severn - NHW

Scheme information

This Neighbourhood Watch area currently covers a section of Burlish Park Estate, namely Kingsway, Elan Avenue (and roads leading off it) and Torridon Close. We are looking for more members to join and volunteer to act as Co-ordinators for any of those areas, but also for areas across the rest of the Estate.

Scheme coordinator

Susan Wright
I was born in Stourport and have lived there my whole life. I have lived on Burlish Estate for 47 years; my wish is to extend the small area of the Estate which is currently part of this NHW scheme to the whole Estate, however to do this we need more people to sign up to the scheme and also volunteers who will administer it, so I would encourage anyone looking at this page, who lives on the Estate and is willing to participate, to contact me via the email address provided on this page or via the Facebook site.
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