Victoria street fraserburgh

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To improve the standard of Safety and have peace of mind by knowing your neighbours and looking out for each other.Reporting any criminal activity you may see to the police, to protect neighbours and property,Victoria street is a friendly place so lets join and keep it safe. thank you.

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Kenneth Forman
Due to the rising criminal activity in our area--eg--damage to cars/litter thrown in street/Arson (in several cases) /garage & shed break in's and damage to property also drunken loutish behaviour sometimes at the week-end ,causing worry and anxiety to the family's & especially the older (pensioners) living alone who only want a peaceful life. I decided to try and improve the quality of life in our area by "looking out for one another" and starting a Neighbourhood watch ,I have talked to quite a few of my neighbours who agree with me it would be a good thing to have. I have previously been in a neighbourhood watch area at my last home in the village of St,Combs and found that gave me and others a sense of safety seeing the Neighbourhood signs which I feel deters any potential trouble. thank you.
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