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I have lived on Berwick Avenue with my family for the past 32 years and have moved from one side to the other into a similar size property. I remember there being a neighbourhood watch with visible window stickers and signs in the area that seem to have faded over the years. We were burgled for my car and when something like that happens it makes you reconsider the precautions we take and the things we could improve for our safety. From speaking with neighbours there have been a number of incidents and burglaries that we just didn't know about and some things we didn't know to improve the security of the property. I wanted to start something so that there was a centralised place to share information and for people to feel like there is some community here or to learn from others as to how we can improve security in the area. Even if at the very least there were some prominent displays of window stickers as a deterrent it would be something.

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