Denham Close

Scheme information

The Deham Close Scheme covers Denham Close including the row of houses on the footpath going towards One Stop. This is a new scheme as the previous scheme lapsed due to the co-ordinator being no longer available

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Scheme coordinator

Anthony Procter
My name is Tony Procter and I live with my wife Vivien at No.6 Denham close. Should you wish to discuss any matters re the scheme I am normally pottering around, walking the dog, or riding my bike. It is not the intention of Neigbourhood watch to make us all "Victor Meldrew" in nature but to try to achieve 3 basic goals a.For residents to reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for the would-be thief, vandal or criminal to act in their neighborhood b.To build a community spirit so that neighbours can work together for everybody's benefit. c.To pass on information to the police about any suspicious incidents occurring in the neighborhood.
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