A Multi Scheme Administrator (MSA) is a volunteer administrator who is granted access to a set of Neighbourhood Watch scheme management tools in order to manage more than one Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

MSAs can be authorised by their local Neighbourhood Watch association to access user data for any geographical area that the association lead defines. This could be an area of a few miles or larger.

MSAs can:

  • update user contact details
  • add Neighbourhood Watch schemes
  • invite newly registered users to Neighbourhood Watch schemes
  • produce reports
  • manage Neighbourhood Watch scheme maps
  • see an overview of their entire authorised area, and
  • send messages to Neighbourhood Watch members and others who wish to receive information from Neighbourhood Watch.

The MSA role is entirely voluntary. For more information on what is involved, contact your local Association.If you do not have a force area or borough association, please contact the Central Support Team at Neighbourhood Watch via email at enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk