The Neighbourhood Watch brand is registered and should be used with integrity.

Brand guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines outline the use of our logos and corporate image. Click here to view our Brand Guidelines document at the bottom of this page. These guidelines are due to be updated in 2022.

Logo permissions

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Associations

Members, Coordinators and Associations can use our logo if

  • your scheme is registered with a Neighbourhood Watch Association, Neighbourhood Watch Network, or a local Neighbourhood Watch database, AND
  • your scheme is approved by your local Neighbourhood Watch Association (or where one does not exist by Neighbourhood Watch Network)

Once a scheme is registered and approved the logo can be used on social media, on websites, on printed material, and other assets.

Corporates and non-members

Please contact us at to use our logo if you are

  • a corporate or not-for-profit organization, who is not a partner with Neighbourhood Watch Network, OR
  • not a member.

Individuals or companies are not able to use our logo for advertising or for personal profit. 

Downloading our logo

Below you can find our traditional English, Welsh and bilingual Neighbourhood Watch logos in colour, and in black and white. You can also find our special-edition Neighbourhood Watch 40th anniversary logo to be used throughout 2022 if you wish. In 2019 we also approved the use of a logo with no central image to be used in certain circumstances. If you would like to use a logo with no central image please contact us.

Please note: The logo can be reduced below the originally stated 40mm diameter if the words are clearly legible. Members can use up stocks reflecting our old logo and leave existing signs in place until they need replacement, at which point they should be replaced with the current logo.

Click on the logo below to download it: