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Hi i would like it if you would like to take the time to read this as i would like to start a neighbourhood watch scheme in keynsham. I would like to call it Frends of KEYNSHAM as i would like it if everyone would join in not just to to make the streets safe for everyone but also to involve everyone weather young or old.also to get people to talk to one another so we can work together in makeing the most of what keynsham has to offer.this is only a small town but is expanding fast.There are lots of people moveing in and out of keynsham. new houses being built as well.But one thing that there is not is the jobs comeing to cope with this.You have more children on the streets at night because there is nothing for them to do.Lots of old people that are scared to go out at night.Also there are people that are all alone to.These are just afew things that i would like to see sorted and would also like to stop the crime that there is in the outer towns. I would like you to join me TO

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