Fishlake Neighbourhood Watch

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The Fishlake Neighbourhood Watch targets the parish of Fishlake encompassing the village itself and a number of outlying areas including Fosterhouses. Scheme started after a village survey, conducted under the auspices of the Parish Council, highlighted residents concerns about burgalary, car crime and particularly thefts from sheds and garages. Similarly, speeeding motorists, mobile phone use by drivers, and the presence of a large number of LGVs on narrow rural roads were highlighted. Major priority - working with the Police and PCSOs to reduce crime and vandalism.

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Scheme coordinator

Peter Trimingham
Peter Trimingham. Retired Doncaster Secondary headteacher. Member of the local Parish Council, Monday club and long time member of the Cricket Club. Interested in keeping the village of Fishlake as a safe environment for all our residents. Contact by email petertrimingham@aol.com
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