Palace and Church Road

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Dear Resident Palace Road has an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme and to help communications between Surrey police and all the residents from our road, please can you write down your email address and phone number and return this form to your street co-ordinators at No 37 Palace Road or you can email them to the address below. As a part of Neighbourhood Watch, the co-ordinators will receive emails from Surrey Police on a regular basis and to be able to pass that information on to you, they need a means of contacting you. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at jasperlodge@ntlworld.com Kind Regards John FitzPatrick Your Street co-ordinators are Kate Bartholomew at No 4B John FitzPatrick at No 37 Email address HYPERLINK "mailto:jasperlodge@ntlworld.com" jasperlodge@ntlworld.com

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