Scheme information

This is a New Neighbourhood watch scheme for the village of Markfield and also Field Head. We are conscious we are a village that sometimes gets targeted for crime, and being surrounded by main arterial routes. We work also with the Facebook Page spotted Markfield. https://www.facebook.com/Markfield-Neighbourhood-Watch-1522216127840833/?hc_ref=ARQk42x8NpCJ178JQ2wnX4EK_Bf_BaB1iK1PoW60EVFBaB0Oa1FzoHrb-S56tFetIVI&fref=nf

Scheme coordinator

N*******l L*****y
Being a villager for many years, I understand the importance, of the community working with each other, to promote crime prevention and also safety. I hope that this scheme will allow us to help each other to make the village a safer place.
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