Twickenham Road NHW

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This Neighbourhood Watch scheme, incorporates residential properties and shops throughout Milber and Newtake. Essentially, the watch was set up in 1996 to cover the residents of Twickenham Road, but following requests from residents further afield, it has been expanded to cover other areas of Milber. New members are always welcome to join the Watch.

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Scheme coordinator

Brian Gotts
Hi, my name is Brian, and I moved to Twickenham Road with my wife, Pauline in 1996 in order to begin our married life together. Noting that a Neighbourhood Watch scheme was not currently available for the road, I contacted other local residents, gaining a good feedback prior to setting up a NHW scheme with the support of the residence, and a local Community Policeman, who happened to live on the same road too. The membership of this scheme includes several retired policemen and a local town councilor. I have also been a committee member of the Teignbridge District NHW Forum for 3 years since 2014. Unfortunately, in July 2017 the Forum had to be closed due to being unable to recruit sufficient committee members in order to continue. However, some local NHW Coordianators are coming together to try and setup a Newton Abbot Neighbourhood Watch Forum to take its place, and I will be pleased to be a part of it, in order to continue supporting the residents of Milber.
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