Relationship Explained

Force Area Neighbourhood Watch Associations are key in maintaining the impetus of the Neighbourhood Watch movement at local level. Their role includes providing guidance and, where necessary, policies on the details of how Neighbourhood Watch operates within their area. This includes things like deciding any processes new schemes need to follow and maintaining a good working relationship with the police at force level.

Although we refer to 'force level' Associations, they are run by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers - not by the police. The term 'force area' just refers to the same geographical area covered by the police force. It makes sense to have an Association for each force area because this allows for more effective working with the police and for our strategies to be aligned.


Want to know more about how Neighbourhood Watch is run in your area?

Get in touch with your local Association's lead contact listed below.

You can also request copies of our Members' Guide and window stickers via your local Association.

Is there a force area Association where you live? Check the list below.

If not, perhaps you could help get one started?

3 Easy steps

  • If you want to start an Association, we can help with documentation such as a constitution.
  • We can put you in touch with the police 'single point of contact' for Neighbourhood Watch issues in your force area.
  • We have lots of templates that can help you get started.

Knowledge Base

Please visit our Knowledge Base for examples of Best Practice and FAQs


Meet the force area representatives

Avon & Somerset


Graham Boyle

I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch for some time now, holding many posts, and am currently a Street Coordinator in Turvey, the Treasurer for the Bedford and Bedfordshire Associations, and a Bedfordshire volunteer representative in the Eastern Region Partnership.
01234 881753


Robin Sutton


Please contact enquiries to find a Cleveland contact


Ian Walton

For information contact


Joe Murray QPM


Lynn Farrar

Lynn was born in Derbyshire and loves living there. Her career in the Civil Service meant she moved away for some time but she returned in 2001 and got involved with Neighbourhood Watch (NW) in her local village.

She became Chair of the Derbyshire Neighbourhood Association Trust in 2009 but reverted to a Trustee in 2011 when she was elected to the Board of the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN). She became Vice Chair of the charity in 2012 before being elected Chair in July 2016. She worked with colleagues to turn the organisation into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, ensuring that the new Board was suitably skilled to take NWN into the future. She believes in community cohesion and that everyone deserves to live in a safe and secure environment.

She recently returned to local NW duties after recruiting a new Chair for NWN and knowing she was leaving the organisation in capable hands. In November 2018 she was elected Chair of Derbyshire NW once again and is looking forward to concentrating on the local community issues.

Lynn lives in a small Derbyshire village by the River Derwent with her husband David. They enjoy travelling around the country in their caravan visiting stately homes and parks and taking photos of scenery and wildlife.


Julie Dowton
Devon & Cornwall

Protecting our homes and our possessions is our responsibility. We are responsible for making sure we and our family are safe. Neighbourhood Watch can give us the knowledge and skills to be aware of, and avoid, the dangers. Being part of the problem solving process is very satisfying. That is why for me 20 years on I am still as passionate about Neighbourhood Watch as I was when I started.




Currently Vacant


Please enquire for details
Dyfed Powys

We currently have no Force Area Association in Dyfed Powys but please email us and we can put you in touch with a local contact.


Clive Stewart

I was re-elected Chairman for the Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association for my sixth year recently. This is a tremendous honour as I have a great team of not only Executives that share many of the responsibilities of the Association but also fourteen District Co-ordinators covering Essex who are brilliant in building the membership to over 102,000 and growing.

For the past five years we have received funds from the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner Richard Hirst. This is the county’s main source of income for which we are very grateful.

Each Neighbourhood Watch District receives an allocation of these funds towards their expenditure to cover the costs of hall hire, purchase of Neighbourhood Watch items, postages and many other needs to promote Neighbourhood Watch.

However many Districts have ways of raising funds to boost their bank balances as each District has its own specific needs and priorities.

In addition to those funds we are delighted to advise you that the cost for our own Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide has also been paid by the Office of the Police Fire & Crime Commissioner which is very much appreciated.

We are a registered Charity (number no. 1168988) and this enables any District to promote that fact which may help any organisations/companies to consider granting funds to Neighbourhood Watch in your area.
Over the next year we will be working hard to increase our membership as we know that whatever we do together we can help make our communities safer.

If anyone would like to have information on Neighbourhood Watch in Essex please look at our website and click on the District where you live and contact your local District Co-ordinator as they are there to help and support you, your neighbours and friends to help reduce the opportunity of crime.

Clive Stewart,
email: Telephone 01787 278007


Phil Sullivan

For contact please email Bob Lloyd our police SPOC


Andrew Taylor
Greater Manchester

Andrew Taylor is Chairman of the Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association and a retired Police Inspector.

Find a list of contacts for each borough within Greater Manchester via the following link. Copy and paste this into your browser:


Currently vacant


Bob Combes

I have worked with Neighbourhood Watch for the past twelve years at my home in Gosport and currently chair the Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.


Sue Thompson

I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch in Hertfordshire for over 20 years. I was involved with the setting up of HertsWatch in 2006. I am currently Chair of HertsWatch, which is the county ‘umbrella’ committee which oversees Neighbourhood Watch and all other themed watches.


Glyn Atkinson

I have run my own Neighbourhood Watch group for 10 years now which I started in response to an arson attack on a local garage. I am a qualified Neighbourhood Watch safety advocate having completed a NVQ 4 level of training at Manchester Police College.
Coordinator meetings are held for our local groups in north-east Lincolnshire four times a year with the aim of supporting schemes to reduce crime and streghen communities.
Humberwatch, the body that covers north Lincolnshire, Hull and East Riding, also meets four times a year to pass on good practic techniques and exchange ideas between different schemes within our region.


David Duncombe

I am the Kent Neighbourhood Watch representative and Chair for Kent & Medway.


Roger Baines MBE

My name is Roger Baines MBE. I am chair of Lancashire Combined Watch Forum. I live in Preston in Lancashire. I have been involved in Neighbourhood Watch since 1998.


Richard Clarke


Dennis Browne

I became a member of Neighbourhood Watch in the late ‘80s and when I moved to Uttoxeter in 1998 I became Chairman of Uttoxeter and District Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Prevention Panel. Moving to Lincolnshire in 2005 I took over Gainsborough and District and progressed to County Chair. I am also a Police Volunteer and represent them and Neighbourhood Watch on a number of local committees.


Catherine Murphy


Peter Evans

Since I became the Chairman of Norfolk Home Watch three years ago the committee and I re-built Homewatch and are going from strength to strength. In March 2016 we changed our name to become Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch.


Alan Earle

Alan has lived in Northampton since 1986. He took early retirement in 2011 from his role as General Manager for International Business Development for a Global Organisation . Having had various volunteer roles including Chair of one of the biggest Parish Councils in Northants, he became involved in Neighbourhood Watch just 3 years ago starting up a small scheme where he presently lives. He was elected Chair of the Northampton Area Support team in 2017 and recently Chair of the Northants County. We have a very strong and experienced team in Northants.

He believes that things like knowing your neighbour and being neighbourly helps build safer and stronger communities, that combined with active Neighbourhood Watch schemes will also not only help to reduce crime and the fear of crime, but also make people proud of where they live and improve the local environment.

Our relationships with our partner organisations like the Police, County, District, Parish Councils , Crimestoppers and other agencies is key to what we do in Northants, and we will continue to develop those and expand our network of members and schemes throughout the county.


Please enquire for more details


Yvonne Johns
North Wales


Please enquire for more details
North Yorkshire


John Lennard

I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch for over 16 years. I have been the Treasurer of West Bridgford Neighbourhood Watch for seven years. I am a trustee of NottsWatch and the Webmaster. I also deal with the messages that are sent to NottsWatch admin. I am a police volunteer for Nottinghamshire Police. I am one of two East Midlands Representatives for NottsWatch.


Derek Bateman
South Wales

I moved from South London to Cardiff in 1978 and have been involved with crime prevention activities for many years as Chair of South Wales Neighbourhood Watch, Wales Neighbourhood Watch and RCT CPA and as a Magistrate. I am also an active member of numerous music and drama groups in the Cardiff area.


Currently vacant
South Yorkshire


Currently vacant

Please email:

Tony Spall

I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch for well over fifteen years, initially as a co-ordinator for my local scheme, then as a lead co-ordinator for the area network, followed by chair for the Ipswich Area Network Forum. I am privileged to now undertake a new role as chair for the Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association.


Mike Fox

Mike Fox took over as the Chair of the Surrey Neighbourhood Watch Association in March 2019.


John Wright MBE

I am passionate about Neighbourhood Watch and I am a great believer in ‘care in the community’. I lead a strong team of committed pro-active volunteers who help make Neighbourhood Watch a respected and potent force for good in Sussex. In 2013 I was awarded the MBE for services to Neighbourhood Watch and the community in Crawley.


John Diack
Thames Valley

John Diack is the Secretary of the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association (NHWA) as well as serving as the Members’ Representative for Windsor & Maidenhead. The committee is focussed on expanding Neighbourhood Watch across the whole of Thames Valley. One of its principal aims is to establish a thriving NHW Association in each of the 12 LPAs in the Force Area.

Stan Jones is the Chair of the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association (NHWA) as well as chair of High Wycombe NHWA.


Chris Cade

Within Neighbourhood Watch my roles have included Street Coordinator, Borough Chair, County Chair for Warwickshire and Regional Representative for the West Midlands Region. I served as a National Trustee for 6 months from July to December 2015. I am also an Independent Member of the Trust, Integrity and Ethics Committee for Warwickshire and West Mercia Police.
From January - June 2016 I took on the role of Interim Police Liaison Manager at NHWN in order to help establish more Force Level Associations and to assist existing Force Level Associations in building more effective relationships.


Craig Cox
West Mercia

I am a data governance and IT change consultant, I have been involved in the development of the West Mercia Social Media programme.
I am keen to work with a new executive team at West Mercia to reinvigorate the Neighbourhood Watch movement in our area.


Kardaya Rooprai
West Midlands

As a Neighbourhood Watch Force Area Association our vision is to help connect, build and empower active communities within civil society, to increase the standards of living and quality of life across the West Midlands and surrounding regions.


Please enquire for details
West Yorkshire


Paul Sunners

I have served as a village coordinator since 2007 and was elected Chair of Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association in July 2019. In collaboration with our Association members, I will continue to emphasise the benefits of partnership and collaboration between Wiltshire and Swindon NW schemes and Wiltshire Police. I also recognise the work and support available from the Central Support Team based in London which I hope will serve as a catalyst for innovation in supporting principles of Community Safety in Wiltshire.