Describe your best practice
Campaigning to turn a disused lay-by, which had attracted drug dealing, fly tipping and mugging, into a beautiful pocket park. Also campaigning for a disused shop front to be turned into a Window Gallery. Creating a more vibrant, safe and connected community.

What did you do and why?
Kept pressure on the local council by emailing and holding regular meetings with various councillors and community groups. Attended ward panel meetings with police, councillors and other NW groups locally. We knew that if we kept the pressure on we could eventually effect change.

Duration of the project
Six years for pocket park. 18 months for Window Gallery

What worked well?
Taking pictures constantly of degradation and vandalism and sharing these with the council. Every time a crime occurred in the lay-by we ensured it was reported, using different methods to report any fly tipping, etc.

How did you overcome any challenges?
Perseverance and resilience. Sharing the responsibilities with others so as to avoid fatiguing people within the group. Created social media groups to keep momentum and team spirits up.

How did you cover any costs?
The council funded the creation of the pocket park with agreements from residents to lightly maintain it. We litter pick, weed, plant and water it regularly.

For the gallery, we applied for funding and approached local businesses. We gained funding from several streams including the heritage lottery fund, the St James Big Local community group and a local estate agent.

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