Maunders Neighbourhood Watch group was formed in about 2017, following a spate of break-ins, during which both vehicles and household property was stolen. Signs were set up throughout Maunders Court and every home bought into the scheme - this also proved to be the starting point for everybody to get to know each other. 

In 2019 the group decided to install CCTV throughout with a view to increasing security and giving peace of mind.  The cost was kept down significantly as every household bought into this scheme - all aspects of Maunders Court are covered and additional signage showing that CCTV was in operation was added. It has since grown from strength to strength with benefits for us all along the way such as outside lighting, activated by any movement after dark, on most of our houses.

We have two Coordinators that cover our road, both approved and vetted by Merseyside Police.  This process took time to start the scheme but we got there.  One of the Coordinator's attend meetings at Merseyside Police HQ each year.  This is invaluable as you meet up with other scheme members from all over Merseyside.  These meetings with other groups have proved to be a great help, sharing their knowledge and experience with ourselves. 

I would like to give special mention to the Chair of Maghull HomeWatch, Lynne Fairclough, for her help in making contacts to establish our group. Thank you Lynne!

From all of us

This year, 2020, (mainly due to the Covid-19 outbreak resulting in isolation and lockdown) a neighbour came up with the idea of forming a What’s app Group.  This was instigated and named "Maunders Court Resilience Group". This has been well supported by almost all households and has been a great success being a lifeline for some under isolation or lockdown or in need of assistance or information, but mainly the closeness it has brought us to each other and the camaraderie is fantastic - each and every one, without exception - looking out for each other. 

In summary, from 2017 to present date it has been a very beneficial journey for all of us.  We all know each other and communicate and help each other.  Personally, I have met a lot of people along the way i.e. other Home Watch & Neighbourhood Watch Scheme members, Merseyside Police.  Also help from Sefton Council and Abacus and Arcline Securities.  What I have found is that the greatest thing I will take from my experience in this connection is that "Communication is the greatest help of all".

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