Community Organisers (CO) Listening Skills Training for MSAs and Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

Describe your best practice
Set up training session led by three CO trainers. Offered to Multi-Scheme Administrators (MSAs) and Coordinators, via Neighbourhood Alert.
Purpose – identify what people care strongly about in their community through 1-2-1 conversations. Build relationships/networks and develop community leaders. Encourage collective action to achieve a shift of power and significant social change.

What did you do and why?
Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch have struggled to attract new MSAs and, previously, the only training was technical around the Neighbourhood Alert system. We wanted to offer support to MSAs and Lead Coordinators to empower them to encourage growth and purpose within their schemes.

We promoted the training via alert and personalised emails to MSAs. The session was fully booked. The CO Listening Skills training was provided, at no cost to Neighbourhood Watch. For details of the training see

We followed up to offer further support to attendees.

Duration of the project
Training session 2 October 2018 – a few weeks prior in the planning plus short time after for follow up.

What worked well?
The people who attended did appear to enjoy the day and consider a different approach. Offer of free lunch always helps!

How did you overcome any challenges?
Main challenge was in demonstrating a new way of thinking to people entrenched in the traditional Neighbourhood Watch approach. The training includes role play and learning about powerful questions. Our other challenge was for all booked to turn up to a no charge session, despite reminders and simple cancellation route.

How did you cover any costs?
Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch covered the cost of the venue and refreshments/lunch with £100 from Police & Crime Commissioner’s funding.

Force/ Borough area

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