Describe what you did and why?
I am a the lead for Tower Hamlets where we have no less than 20 SNT regions for 325,000 residents. One of our busiest and most famous areas, Canary Wharf, has recently suffered a rise of bicycle thefts. Engaging with residents of the area via a dedicated Facebook Group, I received many requests to help them get safe and secure bicycle storage.

Not only do I encourage them to build more Neighbourhood Watch groups to get a better negotiation position when talking to private estate owners but I also refer them to unique schemes in the Borough, which install secure bicycle storage on council owned roads. Our local SNT teams, together with mark cycles free of charge and I have designed a new poster that combines the registration with clear tips how to safely secure a bike whist parking it in open spaces.

We distribute the poster via Twitter and on our own estate.

Duration of project:
3 months

What worked well?
Social media engagement and communicating the issue of creating more secure cycle storage and theft prevention of bicycles. More people have got in touch with Neighbourhood Watch over this issue.

How did you overcome any challenges?
I simply engaged with people on social media platforms they like to use and trust. I introduce Neighbourhood Watch to people who otherwise would not have found out about it. I also have got together with my local residents association who gladly put up Neighbourhood Watch posters.

How did you cover any costs?
This is not very expensive as I already have broadband data and an office set up from when I previously ran my own business from home. I make up the cost of printing some leaflets myself as a charitable donation to the community. But also my local Tenants and Residents Association has offered to cover the cost of printing some leaflets.

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