Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch worked in partnership with their local Neighbourhood Policing Team to reduce burglary in hot spot areas where burglaries were rife, as identified by intelligence.

Up to 21 Neighbourhood Watch volunteers distributed a letter to numerous houses which looked as if nobody was at home as they were in complete darkness. The letter advised the occupants to make sure they were not a target to burglars by ensuring they had at least one light on a timer.

There was constant police presence during the operation and the local Neighbourhood Police Team ran anti-burglary patrols in the hot spot areas.

Over three months, the initiative reached all areas of Bagshot and burglaries were reduced by a staggering 85%. Many residents reported feeling safer and more connected to their communities and many new watches were set up.

Due to the success of this approach in Bagshot a further, similar operation was carried out in Camberley.

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