Describe your best practice
The Meadow Road Neighbourhood Watch in Derbyshire have organised a street clean up. At the end of the road there is a footpath that goes through to Ripley cemetery and for some time we have had issues with anti-social behaviour taking place there during the day and night as an on-going problem.

Despite efforts to ask the council for help we as the Neighbourhood Watch decided we would take ownership of the issues and turn the area around and improve it so to discourage further concerns.

What did you do and why?
The Watch took ownership of the problems and organised a group of willing street residents to undertake a clean up of the area. We chopped back hedges and bushes to expose the footpath and street lighting. We put up extra Neighbourhood Watch signage to improve our groups visibility in the area. As the footpath is obviously used by members of the public not just Meadow Road residents we received lots of positive feedback about our work on the day. This was covered in local newspaper with a full page spread in the Ripley and Heanor.

Duration of the project
Half day

What worked well?
Residents of Meadow Road came together to work to resolve an on going issue. People worked together as neighbours for the good of the whole community not just our own residents. As we had so many volunteers the job didn’t take too long and the improvement was immediate to see.

How did you overcome any challenges?
Our main concern was that only a few people would lend a hand however we have a two week notice period before doing it and despite it being FA Cup Final afternoon we had an amazing response.

How did you cover any costs?
The group used their own tools and we have some funds raised in another event that we used to purchase extra items. Cost was minimal. One of our lovely residents even gave us the use of his van and did a tip run for us.

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