After consulting with residents and asking what people wanted to see in the area , hanging baskets was on the list. We thought it would help to 
create conversation and bring a sense of joy and pride in to the area .

Duration of project:
18 months

What worked well?
The actual baskets worked out really well, along with Neighbourhood Watch stickers which we had designed and printed to go on all the baskets. Local businesses will be offered a chance to advertise for a fee which will go to the upkeep and maintenance of the baskets.

How did you overcome any challenges?
There were many challenges with the local council, who at first didn’t know how to handle a request like this as well as stipulating none could go on any concrete lampposts in the area. This made the task of siting them pretty difficult however we  pushed forward and managed to find metal lampposts where they could be fastened to.

How did you cover any costs?
The funding was secured from the Nation Lottery, Community Fund for the initial purchase and stocking of the baskets. A local business stepped forward to help us fund the costs of actually hanging them up.

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