Describe your best practice
To keep our neighbourhoods clean and green. Cleaner streets are safer streets.

What did you do and why?
Picked litter and rubbish from community play areas.

Cleared community walkways and made them safer for the older people and those with disabilities.

Planted flowers throughout our neighbourhoods which helps to encourage pride in our communities.

Seeing active Neighbourhood Watch volunteers involved in rubbish clearing and other programmes to improve the environment encourages others to get involved and can help to reduce crime.

Duration of the project
Weekly and regular.

What worked well?
Encouraging local Neighbourhood Watch volunteers to keep active and grow volunteering,

How did you overcome any challenges?
Keep talking to our communities and inform our neighbours of the need for all of us to get involved and volunteer.

How did you cover any costs?
“Ward Pot” funding from the local council and a grant from the ‘Great Britain Spring Clean-up Campaign’.

Which main category does this fall into?
Vulnerable people

Force/ Borough area
South Yorkshire

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