Describe your best practice
Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Newark, Nottinghamshire made contact with the local Council and Councillors and arranged public meetings to promote the idea of community partnerships and good public engagement. The local community police officer also attends the meeting. At the meetings, the public in attendance are are invited to set up local Neighbourhood Watch schemes. Council staff help with other issues raised such as street lighting, dog fouling, etc.

What did you do and why?
Set up meetings letting the public know by letter dropping local areas. The meetings often take place in local community halls, schools, etc. It is an easy way of directly contacting the local community.

Duration of the project

What worked well?
With the local Council and Police on board with the plan, the costs are easily funded and the Public can be confident that all the meetings are genuine and going to be well run.

The public can get directly to the people who are needed to deal with specific issues. Follow up meetings are held to review what issues have been raised and what still needs to be done. The public who attend feel very well supported .

How did you overcome any challenges?
No real challenges, only the lack of time for the volunteering Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in terms of there being such a large take up of new schemes in one meeting!

Council staff very supportive of the meeting police also very supportive.

How did you cover any costs?
Council cover the costs of hiring the halls, printing the letter and staff the personnel to carry out the letter drops.

No real costs to Neighbourhood Watch.

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