Describe your best practice
Offering affordable security for members of the public.

Run as a partnership between Neighbourhood Watch and Dorset Police. There is a small mark up to allow the office to purchase items to give out for free.

Have a mobile outreach office called Sheducation.

Offer this to approximately 3000 visitors a year, a consistent number for about 5 years.

What did you do and why?
The service, run by volunteers, has been going on for 14 years and started with a window alarm offered for a reduced rate and then grew from there.

This service offers local residents security as well crime prevention advice.

Duration of the project
Ongoing since 2005

What worked well?
It is somewhere for people to come for products and crime prevention and advice on how to effectively use the products

Receive referrals from police if people have had their shed broken into or want to make their home more secure

Are able to signpost people to other services

How did you overcome any challenges?
No challenges especially once the building was secured to be used for this purpose

How did you cover any costs?
The costs are very limited because all all volunteers are also police volunteers and so the police pay for travel expenses. The rest of the costs are minimal.

A small mark up on the products means money can be spent on free giveaways

Force/ Borough area

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