Our partnerships mean that we have access to skilled professionals who can provide support to our local schemes and offer our members training. As scams and cybercrime are types of crime that our surveys show are at the top of our communities’ concerns we have been able to offer members scam and cybercrime training through our partners.

Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association is a proud partner of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership a county-wide partnership of public, private and voluntary sector organisations committed to working together to stop scams and doorstep crime across the county. Partners are committed to disseminating scams prevention messages, promoting Friends Against Scams training and supporting victims of fraud and Cambridgeshire NHW are very much at the heart of this.

Thank you for all the support that the neighbourhood watch scheme provides our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, not only are Neighbourhood Watch schemes a deterrent for criminals (and this has come from people we arrest). They provide extra information to support the police, act as a link between us and the community and help build public spirit between people who previously may not have had any interaction with other members of their neighbourhood.

I truly believe the more schemes we have up and running the safer our communities will be. The better communication between the police and the public, plus people will support each other more and look out for each other’s neighbours.