Updating Coordinators Details

We are about to send all coordinators an email using the Alert system which is Cyber Essentials Plus certified. This will ask you to provide some information about your personal details and your scheme. The email contains links to a guide to using Our Watch to check and if necessary amend your scheme and personal details. There will also be a link to a survey for you to complete. This survey will not ask for anything other than very basic details of your information so that we can identify your response and process your responses.

If you are in any doubt about whether the email you receive is genuine, please contact a member of the executive committee to check.


Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

Welcome to our space on the National Neighbourhood Watch site.

Neighbourhood Watch works as a team where everyone comes together to make their communities safer and improve the wellbeing of our residents. In Cambridgeshire, we work with the Police, Local Authorities and many other voluntary and professional organisations. Most importantly we work with residents who want to make their neighbourhood a better place to live.

Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association aims to help prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime. We support these aims by developing a greater understanding of how to prevent crime, by improving community vigilance, and by reporting suspicious incidents. We also aim to improve well-being in the community by encouraging activities aimed at improving neighbourliness, reducing loneliness and by fostering a community spirit.

We rely on unpaid volunteers at all levels of the local organisation. We are always looking for volunteers to join the, particularly at local level. You can join the Neighbourhood Watch Network by clicking on the join us link. Once you become a member of NW, you can then join a scheme in your area and become a registered member of the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.


Annual General Meeting of CNHWA

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we held our Annual General Meeting online using Zoom. This was well attended and I was delighted to see so many of you. We were joined by two representatives from Cambridgeshire Police, Ricky Passam who is our new link police officer and Mike Brookes who many of you will have met at some of the many events involving Neighbourhood Watch. 

More information is on the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association website to find out more visit: http://www.cambsnhw.org.uk/