Neighbourhood Watch Sussex

In Sussex every Neighbourhood Watch member is a volunteer - we have no staff. We are a not-for-profit organisation, non-party in politics, and operate an equal opportunities and non-discriminatory policy. Anybody can join, regardless of their background, and membership is free.

Neighbourhood Watch Associations in Sussex

Neighbourhood Watch is a “grassroots” organisation, run by its members for its members. Anybody can join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Usually, residents in a neighbourhood who support the aims and objectives of Neighbourhood Watch agree amongst each other that they will come together and form a local scheme, with the support of a local Association and Sussex Police. This might be one or two streets in a town or even part of a street, or it could be an entire village. Neighbourhood Watch partners Sussex Police to check the suitability of the local coordinator or contact to hold that position.

There are over 3,300 recognised schemes in Sussex covering some 100,000 households. Most schemes belong to a larger local group or Association, for example, representing Neighbourhood Watch in a town or district. These Associations provide a “voice” so that the views and concerns of residents can be addressed with the police and other relevant organisations at the right level to get things done. Representatives from these Associations based all over Sussex meet and support each other at the Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation.

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