St. levan park neighbourhood watch

Scheme information

Our scheme was set up in November 2007 originally in response to concerns raised about St. Levan Park. We are a team of 10 who cover around 800 houses around the park. With help mainly from our local Councillors and Plymouth City Council we have improved the park in various ways, for example by stopping the park from flooding, the installation of gates, a basketball area, new benches, new trees, and more. We now hold a yearly Summer Fun Day in the park. We also respond to requests for help and advice from local residents on issues such as noise, speeding vehicles, fly tipping, litter, road maintenance, and more. We also publish a Newsletter which we deliver to the same 800 houses around the park. Past issues have included articles on the help available for senior citizens and the disabled, shoppers rights, fraud, scams, bogus callers, how a burglar chooses a house, dog fouling, and more.

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