Chipstead Park & Chipstead Park Close

Scheme information

Half of Chipstead Park (house numbers 27 to 49, 34 to 76) & all of Chipstead Close. Dear Neighbour, In case you’re not aware of it, we have an established Neighbourhood Watch scheme running in Chipstead Park and Chipstead Park Close. We have two co-ordinators who circulate information issued by Kent Police on matters of local crime. The main idea being to make you and your family aware of the type of crime taking place in our area and to receive advice from Kent Police on how to help prevent it from happening to you. I am the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for the house numbers above. You may have elected not to be, or you are new to our roads and are simply unaware of how to join. In order to receive a weekly ‘blind copy’ email update of local crime bulletins from the Kent Police, all you have to do is send an email to me (advising me your name and house number) to:- I will then add your email address to my email circulation list. This is a totally free service provided by two volunteers in our roads. You may receive an extra discount on your home insurance by joining. If you don’t have an email facility, I can arrange a hard-copy delivery of the bulletins through your door. Just pop a note through my door requesting this option. Regards Stephen Greenwood