Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch Association


Who are we?

There are many schemes across the Merseyside area.  These are run by a fabulous group of volunteer coordinators living within these areas, each linking in with Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch with Merseyside Police and Our Watch. 

Merseyside is about community looking after community, neighbour looking after neighbour, and it is about providing support to those who need it and when. 

There are 1.5 million people in Merseyside who live in coastal, rural and inner city neighbourhoods. The movement in Merseyside is growing and has tremendous support from the Police, politicians and community groups.

At their quarterly meetings they have expert presentations and briefings on trends and operations throughout the area. Schemes are kept up-to-date with operations and activities in their locale.

You can join an existing scheme already set up within your areas, but if there isn’t a scheme set up, we can support you to start one. We hope that you will consider joining our membership. If there is no scheme listed in your area you might want to know more about how to set one up. Once again, your local representative is there to help. Please see our contact details sections for their details.


What is our role?

The Association is the strategic lead for Neighbourhood Watch across the Merseyside area. We work closely with our partners, Merseyside Police and Local Councils to try and ensure that all our coordinators feel supported whilst carrying out their essential role within their communities.

Our aim is to build safer welcoming communities, reporting issues to the appropriate partners and to take responsibility for crime prevention and sharing appropriate information.