Describe your best practice
Having an open web blog is a first information point for many who want to get inspired to take part in Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch groups and allows people to read about public events and significant information important to them.

What did you do and why?
I started a web blog years ago to allow people to see that there are Neighbourhood Watches in Tower Hamlets. It is a good starting point for residents to get involved and find out where to contact and how to get information. This has become especially important during the cut-back of Safer Neighbourhood Officers.

Duration of the project
2 years

What worked well?
The website is always popular as it shows people that Neighbourhood Watch is still around. It helps people who do not know that Tower Hamlets now uses the OWL system to get a first step into Neighbourhood Watch and get information and learn that there is the OWL communications network. Also changes that were made to the MET Police website and also to the council’s website to do with Neighbourhood Watch left people unable to find out about Neighbourhood Watch but this website gives a permanent web blog for people to contact.

How did you overcome any challenges?
I found a free blog website, which allows me to post free of charge.

How did you cover any costs?
The web blog doesn’t cost any money.

Force/ Borough area
City of London

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