Mobberley Neighbourhood Watch has been working alongside other community organisations to help provide a COVID-19 Support Group for our village.

As well as grocery and prescription services, we are utilising our own website and social media platforms to give up-to-date government information and provide details of suppliers of goods and services many of whom will deliver to our self-isolators. We also have sections for local community initiatives such as sewing for scrubs, scrub wash bags and hair bands, children’s pages to keep them occupied during the lockdown as well as our recruitment section for volunteers.

We have established a food bank in conjunction with members of our local parish council and local churches which will help to provide food for those that find themselves in need during these difficult times.

We have also recently set up a “Go Fund Me” page to help raise funds to buy material for local sewing groups to help provide scrubs and other much needed items for local community NHS workers as well as our local hospital staff.

Our vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that fewer people feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live and the provision of a support group goes a long way to reducing vulnerability and isolation.

We have had over 100 requests for help since setting up the support group and being operational on March 23rd. The 75 volunteers that we have attracted to the cause are the backbone of the group and their dedication and sacrifice to providing the help to those who are self-isolating and vulnerable within our village is not only humbling but inspiring. We are managing to help so many and the feedback we have had is phenomenal. We have also had amazing support not only from our local counsellor, Charlotte Leech (Cheshire East Council) who is also one of our volunteers but we are thrilled to have the support from Esther McVey, MP for Tatton Constituency (photograph attached).

To date things have run pretty smoothly. Naturally, we face the daily challenge of trying to keep all of our volunteers safe and we regularly remind them of protocols and procedures to follow in order to safeguard theirs and the health of those they are helping. To date thankfully we are all remaining healthy.