Werrington community have, through our village Facebook page, set up a local "food bank". The local community are donating food, toiletries and cleaning products. Folk in need, or the local school and other places, contact the coordinator. The coordinator arranges for the delivery of the goodies

We have reached over 6,000 people in the locality who are members of The All Things Werrington Facebook page. Many things are working well such as community spirit! Folk are donating generously. They are also checking in with their neighbours and friends over social media and other methods. In the two weeks we have been open we have supported 9 families.

Getting information out during a pandemic is a challenge. Email and social media are invaluable tools to help overcome this challenge. Fundraising is also hard. We would like a freezer to store donated foods to preserve them from spoiling. We are currently looking for funding through our Parish Council.