Above photo: From pre-COVID-19 times: the Lancaster Park Street party to celebrate Catherine and William's wedding.  Our local SNT sergeant and team judged the cake and dog competition.

We have a very strong Neighbourhood Watch on our street which has been going for 28 years. It is well known as one of the friendliest streets in Richmond-upon-Thames.  We have a street party whenever the opportunity arises - and as you see, everyone attends and goes to town on it! We have a neighbourhood Christmas party every Christmas and various gatherings during the year.  We all know each other whilst keeping a respectful distance.

I run the Neighbourhood Watch but on our return from Africa and coming down with the virus (unknown to me) early March, the neighbours all wanted to know what we should do about a COVID-19 group. I felt too ill to cope so they set up a WhatsApp group. My husband and I were the first people to put out a plea for eggs, milk and bread and within no time they were on our doorstep. This extended to paracetamol when things got worse and then hot meals and cakes arrived on our doorstep as we got better and could eat again.

Bunny Farnell-Watson, Neighbourhood Watch coordinator

We all clap on Thursday evenings and it's a good chance to all wave at each other. When we are allowed - we will have a HUGE street party (this will be our fifth) to celebrate.