Neighbourhood Watch Week,
7 - 13th June 2020


We’ve seen a surge in neighbourliness as people look out for the vulnerable and talk to those next door more than ever before - a silver lining to the cloud COVID-19 has cast over our daily lives. We think now is a good time to say thank you and celebrate those actions our neighbours have taken no matter how small or big. There are many ways to join in:

Take part in the Big Virtual Lunch
Organised by Eden Project, on the 6th and 7th June, the Big Virtual Lunch have put together ideas of small things you can do to celebrate community connections with your neighbours such as: making your own bunting and hanging it out for all to see, putting together a lunch for someone or a small food parcel and leave it on a doorstep, joining in with The Big Lunch from your doorstep, hosting a Big Virtual Lunch online from the comfort of your own home, or hosting a Big Virtual Lunch over the phone.

Display a poster in your window or gifting a postcard to a neighbour
Award winning British cartoonist, Tony Husband, has created bespoke cartoons depicting kind neighbourly actions in lockdown. Tony’s cartoons can be downloaded below as posters to display in your window, or postcards to pop through a neighbour’s door. 

Enter our 'Neighbourliness in Lockdown' competition
Why not have a go at creating your very own cartoon depicting kind neighbourly acts and enter it in a competition to be judged by Tony himself. You can download blank posters and blank postcards as a template for your cartoons. Create your cartoon, display it in your window or gift it to a neighbour, and email us a digital copy (scan or photo of your cartoon). The winner for each age category  4- 11, 12 - 17, and adult will receive their cartoon image on a mug.  Full details of the competition can be found here.

Facebook Live Quiz
Put your general knowledge to the test and join us on the 12th June at 7pm for a light-hearted Facebook Live Quiz, to be hosted by Neighbourhood Watch Network's CEO, John Hayward-Cripps.  To take part simply visit our Facebook page at 7pm on the 12th June, ready with paper and pen.