Neighbourhood Watch in Hampshire

In Hampshire every Neighbourhood Watch member is a volunteer - we have no staff. We are a not-for-profit organisation, non-party in politics, and operate an equal opportunities and non-discriminatory policy. Anybody can join, regardless of their background, and membership is free.

A NW scheme is a group of neighbours who want to help reduce crime and the fear of crime in their area. They will look out for each other and help build a caring community. One neighbour will be the coordinator who helps communication in the scheme.

There are over 4,500 NW schemes in Hampshire covering some 150,000 households. Most schemes belong to a local Association or group that supports NW in their town or district. These Associations provide a "voice” so that the views and concerns of residents can be addressed with the police and other relevant organisations.

If you want to join or start a scheme your local group will help you.  Go to our Contacts page to see your local group - or contact our Secretary (