Avon and Somerset Watch

Avon and Somerset Watch is actively supported by the Avon and Somerset Police and the PCC in promoting and actively improving personal safety, security and crime prevention. 

In addition, they are working with other voluntary organisations, public and private sector bodies concerned with reducing crime and anti-social behaviour to improve the safety, security and resilience of communities and the general public.  

Avon and Somerset Watch aims to provide information and coordination in support of a safe and secure environment for individuals and communities within the 'force area', as well as providing opportunities to become actively involved in organisations, communities, schemes and projects across Avon and Somerset.  

Avon and Somerset Watch also

  • supports Farm Watch and Horse Watch, 
  • offers advice on tackling rural and wildlife crime
  • and provides support on setting up ‘Community Watch’ and 'Keep Safe' communities. 

Contact details:

For all Ourwatch.org registration support and enquiries please contact:

Cheryl Spruce (Head of Membership and Community Engagement)
Email: cheryl.spruce@ourwatch.org.uk