It is very important that new volunteers are welcomed into the Neighbourhood Watch family.  Below we will look at the various ways in which you can do this.



Starting with saying hello is a great way of introducing yourself to a new Coordinator.


Go through the role

Help your new Coordinator by explaining the role and listen to their plans for their scheme.  Make sure that they have received the Coordinator Pack.


Share best practice

By providing examples of how others have done well in recruiting members, nurtured partnerships and been active in their communities, you can talk about what types of activities they would like to do and offer advice and support.



Help the new Coordinator access the Knowledge Hub, find Crime Prevention advice and know the contacts for local partners.



Let them know who their local policing team is, how to contact them and about any meetings that they should get connected to, such as Ward Panels or CAGs.


Arrange a meet-up

Getting connected with others doing the role, other Coordinators will enable the Coordinator to feel part of the team.