London Borough of Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association

Enabling good citizenship and stronger communities

We are a group of dedicated volunteers that in harmony with our partners, Tower Hamlets Council, Neighbourhood Watch Network, national charities and the Tower Hamlets Police, serve 325.000 people within a 7.63 sq. mile area. 

Whilst our borough includes a variety of social groups, working patterns also vary in this busy inner-city environment. We aim to involve all. Street-based watch groups are grouped around housing complexes or streets. Virtual groups use communications apps, alarm-based apps and social media. Street and virtual groups work in harmony with each other.

This national Neighbourhood Watch Network' website  is our main member registration site. We base our constitution around the ethics and standards of the national Neighbourhood Watch Network and we have signed the MOU. Our members get encouraged to use the Knowledge Hub and participate in the many high-quality training sessions that Neighbourhood Watch Network provides.

Tower Hamlets Police force use OWL as their mailing list to distribute newsletters from the 20 wards that the Borough is divided into. Our members are strongly encouraged to engage with their area Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel with the Police and partner agencies, which decides policing priorities.

All housing, social care providers, resident groups and charities are offered Associate memberships. We work closely with Councillors and Persons of Influence. Our Association is a registered CIO charity, registration number 1194477.

All who wish to participate are very welcome to contact us, we happily integrate those who want to contribute.

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