London Borough of Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association

Tower Hamlets are working to establish a formal Neighbourhood Watch Association and encourage all those interested in maintaining a watch group to register via

They have a Neighbourhood Watch sub-Committee aligned with the Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhoods Board. Their local police force use OWL for watch communications but the coordinators are not yet able to use the platform.

Tower Hamlets has a vibrant Association with the support of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets and the Metropolitan Police and large community groups. They aim to improve communications, grow the amount of registered watch schemes and assist all watch groups. They aim to find the most positive solution from using both the Ourwatch system and including OWL users in setting the path for improving crime reduction and social stability in the borough. Tower Hamlets encourage all coordinators to participate in their 20 Safer Neighbourhood Panels.

They also run campaigns of interest to their borough whilst supporting all national campaigns and crime reduction schemes. They are very keen to keep in touch with hard-to-reach parts of the population and concentrate on many small schemes, encouraging our coordinators to get to know their neighbours. 

Contact details:

  • Chair: Martin Shortis
  • Vice-chair: Alan Trench:
  • Secretary: Johanna Kaschke
  • Joint treasurers: Johanna Kaschke and Madison Taylor
  • Email:
  • Phone: 07919 444661
  • Website: