London Borough of Richmond Neighbourhood Watch Association

London Borough of Richmond the only London Borough which straddles the Thames and it has a population of around 197,000. 

London Borough of Richmond Neighbourhood Watch Association has a focus group of seven acting as an Executive. 

The Association runs knowledge nights around the Borough for local coordinators, members and residents. The knowledge nights comprise talks on crime and safety and an opportunity to ask questions. Presentations from Trading Standards, Banks, health organisations, council and police provide advice on a variety of topics such as:

  • safeguarding
  • fly tipping
  • burglary
  • personal safety for young people
  • and car crime.

In addition 'scam events' are run from time to time with input from those organisations.  These alert residents to the latest scams and provide advice on how to recognise and avoid becoming a victim to these, and whom to contact to inform or get help. 

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