What does Neighbourhood Watch mean to you?

That’s the question being asked of members across England And Wales as the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) prepares to update its brand guidelines.

The NWN is producing a wordcloud of values that sum up the ethos of the movement. Members are asked to contribute up to three values that motivate, govern and reflect the Neighbourhood Watch experience.

A long list of values has been drawn up to begin the process. Members are asked to pick their favourites from the list or alternatively suggest other values they believe should govern the NWN.

The longlist of values are as follows; caring, community, social, inclusive, respectful, aware, observant, vigilant, sharing, open, trusted, reliable, sustainability/relevant, supportive, neighbourly, partnership, responsive, inspiring, welcoming.

Members can input the values via this link which will help to create a wordcloud to illustrate what resonates strongly.

The results will help develop an update of the NWN brand guidelines document.