Coop Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch are proud to announce the winner of the first ever Young Neighbour of the Year.

9-year-old Taylor O’Connor, from Edinburgh, was nominated by her neighbour, Yvonne Cuthill, for supporting her while she went through cancer treatment during lockdown. Taylor has helped Yvonne by taking her dogs out when she has been unwell, baking cakes, hanging the washing out and making flasks of tea.  

Taylor was also recognised for supporting her wider community during lockdown where she regularly collected rubbish on the street, put out her neighbours’ bins and took in their parcels.
The pandemic hasn’t prevented Taylor keeping in touch with her neighbours either. She has turned to technology to spread a little joy for others during lockdown restrictions video calling some of her neighbours every day – just to make sure they had someone to speak to.

“She is a loving, caring young lady and very respectful to her elders and neighbours. Taylor uses FaceTime to message us every day, to check we are ok – that is unheard of from a girl her age and that’s why I think she is fully deserving of the Young Neighbour of the Year award.”

Taylor’s neighbour, Yvonne

“It’s very important to have neighbours. I can still see them even if I can’t go close. I just want to help local people.”

Taylor said

The Neighbour of the Year award celebrates neighbours who look out for others, are sociable and friendly, offer practical help and are kind, caring and respectful. In its third year, the number of entries increased by a staggering 100 percent from 2019.